The Suncu Mission

Firstly, always do Bussiness with Godly Values.

We at Suncu Solar strive to give the best personal customer service to not only make a sale, but to build a great business and client relationship. We want to be a great services whenever and however we can, equally to new and old customers.

We will strive to always supply quality products that our clients will be glad that they purchased from us. We will be a business that respects and upholds our warranties, to be the Solar Business on everyone's lips.

The Suncu Vision

We will strive to become the best at what we do, while gaining new knowledge and experiences, to stay on top of all old and new trends and technologies that will come in the Solar Power industry.

We want to be one of the biggest Solar companies, if not the biggest, to provide a great range to our clients.

We will accept nothing less than 200% customer service from our staff, safely knowing our customers are happy and are gaining new knowledge on Solar power, and keeping our clients up to date. We do this so that they will feel satisfied with us and with our products, knowing that they are in good hands.

We will Dream, We will Believe, We will Do!

Suncu Solar's Background and Profile

What is worse than having friends over and having a blackout? Or having a family gathering and you can't see which aunt you are talking to? Running around at home to look for candles that were finished in the last bout of load-shedding?

Knowing that you can prevent it, with our help.

Suncu Solar was established in 2020, from Boksburg South, with the Directors having a vision for not just South Africa, but all of Africa to be powered by Solar Energy. Knowing the struggles of load-shedding and sub-station wire thefts, Suncu wants to help other people prevent that dreadful question of "When will my power be back?" We know that we don't want our fridges to turn off just after buying our meat, or our geyser having no hot water when we get into the shower, all because our power has been off since yesterday morning.

Suncu Solar is a registered Solar Power company, with services and products well worth their name. Aiming to not only provide good products, but also to ensure our customers never have to worry about power loss during their daily activities.

Boasting a team with experience stretching over years, Suncu will always arrive prepared for an installation, no matter how difficult the location. They also ensure that the customer is always informed as to what the benefits and workings of their chosen product are. Ensuring quality product, from trusted and reliable suppliers, we use the best parts for every installation.

We aim to provide a great experience, from product quality, range and knowledge, to after sale services and repairs. We provide the best, at competitive rates, for our Customer's and for our own pride in our business.

So the answer, to prevent these questions from happening, is us.

Suncu Solar