Tired of Load-Shedding? We Can Help!!

We offer:

- Gel Batteries

- Growatt Inverters

- Lithium Ion Batteries

- Poly AND Mono Panels of All Sizes

- Solar Geyser's and Geyser Conversions

- Mounting Structures for All Roof Types

- 3KVA to 15KVA Off Grid Package Deals

- Loadshedding Backup Systems

- Full Installation's with COC

- Free Quotations and Site Inspections

- After Service Support

- And a Lot More...

Our Services Include a Site Inspection, Quotation, Delivery and Installation of the Solar Power System. The Installation materials is dependant on completion of the Site Inspection, wherein we will provide the quotation. Our repairs and Services are done on the system as a whole, to ensure it is in optimum working condition. This include's, but is not limited to, the inverters, cables, panels and batteries. We also provide quotations on this service as well.

All Our Quotations are VAT inclusive.

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